Here's To A New Year!!

We hope you enjoyed your Holidays!!

It's time to start a New Year with our patients and we could not be happier to start some new chapters of events...

~Some New Things To Come~

- Watch for your invitation for the Skate Party with Fehr Orthodontics the party is set to take place on January 21st from 6-8:30 pm.

Didn't get one? Stop in our office before the big day!

- We are also looking at renovating the office sometime in May 2016, we are so excited we hope you love our new look soon to come.

~ Special Days This Month~

CONGRATS to Tracy for being with Fehr Orthodontics for 15 YEARS January 8th

CONGRATS to Linda for being with Fehr Orthodontics for 21 YEARS January 10th

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOHNNA - January 12th - Be sure to wish our Financial Coordinator/Receptionist a Special Happy Birthday!

*** EXTRAS***

One of our favorite assistants (Renee) has started her Invisalign to a great smile be sure to make her smile when you come in. :)

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